Thanks for our time together last night. I feel much better and spiritually lifted, like a feather in the breeze. Great things are happening in my life and I want to Thank You for doing, sharing and being a part of my growth.
You are more appreciated than you know.
~ Becky
Tina has the wings of an angel. She has a kind and tender touch that you allows you to learn as you heal. She allows you the freedom to move at your own speed in an atmosphere that compliments your comfort zone. She teaches as she guides and is compassionate to help anyone who desires to be helped. I would recommend Tina to anyone who wants to be guided by angelic presence, healed by divine love and find themselves in a new light.
~ RB, WI
My sessions with Tina are amazing. I feel like we've cleared so many things. She has helped me to get better at knowing things for myself. I would highly recommend working with Tina.
~ Wanda, NC
Thank you so much for the session today. I feel incredible! Last week I was at such a loss as to how to make sense of all this and your name instantly came to mind and I knew you were the one who could help me find the answers.
~ BB
Tina is an amazingly gifted and loving individual. With an open mind and heart she was able to help me to rid myself of much darkness and sorrow that I'd carried all my life up to that point. Most importantly, I was able to move forward into the light of who I am and achieve more love and happiness for myself then I had but dreamed possible, and without the return of the darkness and sorrow I had carried so long. I am blessed to have met someone who has embraced her gifts and has the strength and passion to help others to heal in ways most of us would not think possible. I am honored to call her mentor and hope to continue working towards greater and better things. I will say that it isn't always an easy transition but she is a caring and trusting guide that will help you along as far and slowly/quickly as you are willing. I recommend anyone, whether you believe or not, in need of healing to have a session and leave lighter and more energized.
~ Brian ~ DeForest, WI
One particular day, my daughter was having a hard time and was not able to focus on anything but her troubles. Tina helped her release her feelings and improve her mood so she could focus and think with positivity rather than focusing on her problems. Tina's work with my child was a blessing. 
~ Joni, mom in WI
I have worked with many energetic healers, and Tina’s work is exceptional. She creates a safe space that allows whatever is ready to be released and healed to occur. When I have been ready yet fearful of what has come up, Tina has gently and persistently facilitated an opening and shift so that the transformation could occur. She worked with me to see the Truth, and in that, I was able to shift my perspective. Very empowering. I have left sessions with her feeling lighter, clear and more open to my potential. And, whatever we work through does not resurface! Tina and her team of Guides are truly a much needed gift to the Earth during this time of the Great Shift. I am glad to have found her. 
~ Julie L. Madison, WI
When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I had developed some fears that were practically paralyzing 1) fear that the umbilical cord was going to get wrapped around my baby's neck and 2) fear that the baby was going to come out too fast. I shared this with my doctor who tried to reassure me but the fears were still there. I worked with Tina just once at the end of my pregnancy and what I experienced was inexplicable. Not only did she help me release those fears but they were totally gone, taken out of my mind and never reappeared. It was so amazing because it was the first time a fear actually left me for good. After the delivery my doctor actually pointed out to me that I didn't even make mention of those fears and worries. I am so grateful to have worked with Tina! 
~ JR, DeForest, WI

Testimonials for my monthly Healing Circle

I forgot to tell you about my deviated septum. Remember you healed it at the Sept. session? I can breathe out both sides of my nose. I'm trying to keep myself from saying I can't believe it because I don't want to undo the healing. So far I have kept breathing! I can't wait until October. I'm so glad I found you. Thank you. 
~ Lisa R
I really enjoyed the group and feel like I can really learn a great deal from you and the other gals who attended. As a first-timer, I was not sure what to expect. I really enjoyed the warmth and graciousness of everyone who attended. I felt like the environment was very safe and inspiring. Everyone was so positive and eager to help. A very fantastic first impression. I have been telling other friends of my positive experience and will continue to do so. I appreciate what you do and am looking forward to learning more from you as I continue on this long and tedious journey of mine. Very excited for the next meeting.
~ TH
I can't believe how much I have grown and healed in the last five to six months! Thank You! 
~ RF