Your Healing Journey Starts Here

Your Healing Journey Starts HereYour Healing Journey Starts HereYour Healing Journey Starts Here

Because Empowered People Change the World!


Grow Towards Wellness


I'm now in my 13th Year of doing Healing Work

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A HUGE Thank You to all of my clients that I have met and worked with whether it was once, a few time or years. It has been a honor and privilege 

to serve as the guide on your Healing Journey!  

I truly appreciate all the love and support you have shown me; 

I am blessed with your heartfelt testimonials.  

The greatest complement has been your continued referrals 

to those who can benefit from my healing energy.  

Much Love, ~Tina 

Tina Mancusi, Healer, Author & Guide.

Inspiring ~ Educating ~ Empowering ~ Healing


Are you feeling stuck?  Western medicine not helping?  Why not try a different approach with Energy Medicine.  Tina uses her social work skills in combination with her Intuition, Guidance and Energy to Heal problems at the root, realigning the mind, body and spirit back into wellness.

Tina offers private sessions and wellness coaching for children and adults in addition to holding groups, classes and workshops on energy, healing, mindfulness/meditation and art.

Are you ready to make amazing and lasting transformations in your life? 

Call today!  608-658-7640

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